Virtual Graduation - Saturday, July 18, 2:00pm

This year, we will celebrate with over 1,200 Nashville State Graduates!

Ceremony Information for Graduates

  • Grads will receive an email from Stage Clips, the company that is developing our Commencement.
  • This email will include our name, Nashville State Community College.
  • Ceremony date: Saturday, July 18 at 2:00pm.
  • Instructions will be sent for photo uploading of grads with their caps and gowns.
  • Deadline dates will be sent for images to be submitted.
  • Dates of email notifications to students are July 3/4, July 8, and July 10.
  • Grads, please adhere to the instructions and make sure your tassel is on the left side of your mortar board (cap). We are looking forward to seeing your photo in the processional.

Cap & Gown Drive-Through Pick-Up

Drive-through cap and gown pick-up at White Bridge Road, Clarksville, Dickson, and Humphreys County took place on June 17 and 18.

If students ordered their caps and gowns and did not pick them up, they can contact their campus to make arrangements.

Grads from the Davidson County campuses can contact the Bookstore at 615-353-3606, Monday, June 22-Thursday, June 25, 10:00am to 4:00pm. The Bookstore will give grads instructions on picking up their cap and gown.


How should my cap be worn?
The cap should be worn so that the Mortarboard is level. It should not be tilted to the back or side of the head. The crown should be approximately one inch above the eyebrow.

How do I tell the front from the back of the cap?
The front of the cap is indicated on the inside of the crown.

Should the cap be removed anytime during the graduation ceremony?
Your cap should not be removed during the graduation ceremony.

How do I take care of my gown?
The gown should be removed immediately from the package and placed on a hanger.

The gown seemed wrinkled when I took it out of the package, should I send it to the cleaners?
The gown should not be washed or dry-cleaned. It may be pressed with a cool iron or steamed.

What should I wear underneath the gown?
You should wear lightweight, comfortable clothing.

How do I wear the tassel?
Tassels are worn over the left temple at the beginning of the ceremony. After receiving your diploma, but before your photograph is taken, move the tassel to your right temple.

Apply for Graduation

In order to receive your degree, you must obtain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and fulfill all Business and Library requirements, then complete these steps:

  1. Complete an Intent to Graduate packet (PDF).
  2. Submit the completed packet to the Records Office before the deadline.
  3. Contact your program department to receive any additional requirements.

Name Changes

Your name will appear on your diploma exactly as you have it listed on your Intent to Graduate form. The name you write must match what is in the Student Information System. If your name has changed, submit legal documentation of the change with your Intent to Graduate form.

Missed Deadlines

The deadline for filling out an Intent to Graduate packet is typically the last day to withdraw from classes for the prior term. If you miss the deadline, you will have to file to graduate the following semester.

The Diploma

What Size Is It

The diploma is 8.5" x 11" and comes with a complementary embossed cover. Diploma frames may be purchased in the NSCC bookstore.

If You Lost It

Complete the Replacement Diploma form available in the Records office. Then pay $15 to the Bursars Office. You will receive your replacement diploma about 2–3 weeks after we process the form and fee. Download Request Replacement Diploma Form PDF

Exams and Evaluations

Graduation Exit Exam

Required if completing an A.A., A.S., A.A.S. program. Technical Certificate students are exempt. Get more information from the Testing Center.

Departmental Exit Exam

AAS and Technical Certificate students should contact their program departments as a part of completing their Intent to Graduate packets to inquire about a Departmental Exit Exam.

Graduation Evaluation

Every Graduation Evaluation must be completing by hand. This can be very time consuming. If your last semester registration is about to begin and you haven’t received your Evaluation, make an appointment to meet with your advisor to learn what courses you still need to complete. If your Evaluation includes courses your advisor said weren’t required, be sure to discuss with your advisor.


Here are the GPAs that determine honors:

4.00 - 3.90 Summa Cum Laude
3.89 - 3.75 Magna Cum Laude
3.74 - 3.50 Cum Laude

Your honors designation will become a permanent part of your Nashville State Community College record and will be denoted on both your transcript and your diploma.

Multi-Program Graduation


In order to receive a second A.A.S. degree, you must have filed an Intent to Graduate for your first A.A.S. degree. Once you’ve done that, you can obtain an Intent to Complete a Second Major/Concentration form from the Records Office receptionist. Complete the form and return it to the receptionist. Your completion of a second major will be designated on your transcript, but you will not receive a degree or certificate for the second major.


In accordance with the Tennessee Board of Regents and Nashville State Community College policy, you may only receive one Associates of Science (A.S.) or one Associates of Arts (A.A.) degree. No paperwork for completion of a second major under these areas can be filed.

Technical Certificates

You may receive an unlimited number of Technical Certificates as long as you complete the Intent to Graduate packet for each of them. You will receive a separate paper certificate for each program.

Phi Theta Kappa

Phi Theta Kappa is an international honor society of two-year colleges and academic programs. If you are a member, it will not be printed on your diploma but it will be denoted on your transcript. There is a seal available for members to place on his or her diploma. Contact your advisor of Phi Theta Kappa for more information.