Evacuation and Safe Areas

Evacuation Plan

There is an evacuation and safe area plan in place. This plan is presented by Nashville State Community College Safety and Security, along with the Emergency Procedures Committee and was prepared in consultation with Scott Harris, Response Coordinator of the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management, and Cecil Whaley, Director of Natural Hazards for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency.

In the event of an evacuation, each department head is to make sure his or her suite is clear before leaving. Each department head is to designate an alternate in case he or she is not available. Teachers are to do the same for their classrooms. The safe areas will be posted in classrooms.

Evacuation Routes 

A-Building Evacuation: Exit doors leading to rear parking lot.
C-Building Evacuation: Out back or side exit doors to rear parking lot.
D-Building Evacuation: Out rear exit doors to rear parking lot.
E-Building Evacuation: Out back or side exit doors to parking lot.
H-Building Evacuation: Out exit doors to rear parking lot.
K-Building Evacuation: Out front exit doors to rear parking lot.
PEG TV Studio Evacuation: Out front exit door to rear parking lot.
S-Building Evacuation: Out exit doors to rear parking lot.
W-Building Evacuation: W-98 hallway exit doors and hallways leading to the rear parking lot.

Tornado Safety

In the event of a tornado warning within five miles of the college's campus the NSCC alarm system will be activated. Emergency Team Members have been assigned to all buildings and will ensure that all building occupants are notified.

In the event of a safe-area situation (i.e., tornado), the following message will be heard:
“May I have your attention please! The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning for our area. Please proceed to assigned safe areas.”
The Safety and Security Office closely monitor all weather situations. Please understand that our security office has access to the same weather information as other agencies.

Safe Areas

  • A-Building Safe Areas: All three A-Building restrooms and the center of long hallways
  • C-Building Safe Areas: Lower level hallways and restrooms
  • D-Building Safe Areas: Interior office hallways (D-39/D-42 and D-34/D-37), and all inner offices
  • E-Building Safe Areas: All restrooms
  • H-Building Safe Areas: First Floor
    • First Floor hallway by H-110, H-111, H-112
    • First Floor men’s and ladies’ restrooms
    • First Floor kitchen
    • First Floor Room H-122: Mechanical Room
    • First Floor Room H-124: Storage Room
    • First Floor Office Suite H-130
  • H-Building Safe Areas: Second Floor
    • Second Floor men’s and ladies’ restrooms
    • Second Floor men’s and ladies’ locker rooms
    • Second Floor Rooms H-223, H-224, H-225, H-227, H-228, H-230, and H-231
  • K-Building Safe Areas: Downstairs restrooms and lower inner hallways, K-120 (both A & B sections) 
  • PEG TV Studio Safe Areas: All restrooms 
  • W-Building Safe Areas: W-40 thru W-69 hallway and adjacent interior office area. W-91 thru W-88 hallway. Also restrooms off Main Lobby. 
  • S-Building Safe Areas: First Floor
    • Classes in room S-118 Safe Area – the storage room: S-119.
    • Classes in room S-117 Safe Area – men’s and ladies’ restrooms. 
    • Classes in room S-116 Safe Area – S-116 classroom is a safe area. 
    • Classes in room S-112 Safe Area – S-108. 
    • Classes in room S-113 Safe Area – S-109. 
    • Classes in room S-104 Safe Area – S-103. 
    • Classes in room S-105 Safe Area – S-108 and S-109. 
    • Students in the hallway seating areas and the dining area are to go to the most accessible of any of the Safe Areas listed above. Check monitors for more information.
  • S-Building Safe Areas: Second Floor Employees and others from the Second Floor will be disbursed into the following First Floor areas: 
    • S-115 office and storage area, S-107, S-110, and S-114 offices are safe areas.

Preparation Alert

  1. According to weather forecasts, conditions may be right tomorrow (or later today) for tornado activity in our area. Therefore, this bulletin is an early notification so that you can make preparations here and at home.
  2. Some common directives include:
    • Stay away from windows and other loose or breakable objects that could become flying debris.
    • Stay near interior walls.
    • Keep one or more flashlights in your office and make sure they work.
    • In the event of a tornado, do NOT pull a fire alarm.
    • Evacuation Signal will sound. Everyone should proceed to assigned shelter areas.
  3. Be aware of safe areas for all the buildings on campus and the suggested safest area in each building. In most cases, those areas will be the lowest possible floor of your building. If you have a question or your building is not listed, call Safety & Security at 353-3273.
  4. Supervisors/Faculty: Review with your class or staff, which is the best way to reach the designated safest area in your building. Emphasize the importance of remaining calm.
  5. Directors/Supervisors: Take 5 minutes with your people today to:
    • Review the do's and don'ts of a tornado.
    • Check your supply of flashlights/batteries, radios and other equipment that may be useful.
    • Remind everyone of the safe areas in your building.
    • AND IMPORTANTLY… discuss your policy with your staff about leaving campus during a severe storm or tornado to check on a situation at home or elsewhere.
    • If you prepare today for possible severe weather tomorrow, this may lessen your need to leave campus if a severe storm or tornado strikes.
    • LEAVING CAMPUS: Anyone who wishes to leave campus during a tornado warning should first check with his or her supervisor. It must be understood that people who leave campus are required to take either annual leave or unpaid leave—and are responsible for themselves.
  6. Faculty: Please plan ahead for assignments/classroom work in case your class is interrupted tomorrow by an evacuation team member with a tornado warning or, in extreme circumstances, the campus should be closed. The closing of the campus is issued from the President's Office.