Initial Course Placement Advising

Initial Course Placement for New Students

All entering students will be assigned to a placement level in English (Writing), Math, and Reading depending on their ACT, Accuplacer, or SAT scores in those areas. Successful completion of Level 1 progresses students to Level 2. Students who completed all Learning Support competencies in those areas prior to Fall 2015 are categorized as Level 2.


When advising, use the learning support documents below to place students into an appropriate co-requisite experience to gain learning support competencies.

Levels for English

LevelACT English sub-scoreAccuplacer Writing SkillsSAT Critical ReadingPlacement
117 or below91 or below440 or belowENGL 1010 + ENGL 0815
218 or higher92 or higher450 or aboveENGL 1010


Levels for Mathematics

LevelACT Math sub-scoreAccuplacer AlgebraSATPlacement
118 or below91 or belowMath: 450 or belowMATH 1000 + 0815, MATH 1010 + 0825, MATH 1530 + 0835, MATH 1630 + 0845
219-2692 or aboveMath: 460 or aboveMATH 1000 (for SAILS completers only), 1010, 1130, 1410, 1530, 1630, or 1710
327 or highernot applicableComposite: 1220-1280MATH 1720, 1830 or below
429 or highernot applicableComposite: 1290 or higherMATH 1910 or below


Levels for Reading

LevelACT Reading sub-scoreAccuplacer ReadingSAT Critical ReadingPlacement
118 or below84 or below450 or belowDesignated college-level course + READ 0815
219 or higher85 or higher460 or aboveAny college-level course for which reading competency is a prerequisite