Initial Course Placement Advising

Initial Course Placement for New Students

All entering students will be classified as Level 1 in reading, writing (English) and mathematics unless placement scores indicate otherwise. Level 1 students enroll in co-requisite learning support classes for success in college-level work. Level 2 students are deemed to be college ready and are not required to enroll in co-requisite support classes.


When advising, use the learning support documents below to place students into an appropriate co-requisite experience to gain learning support competencies.

Levels for English

LevelACCUPLACER Classic (12/16–10/18)ACCUPLACER Next Generation (11/18–present)ACT English sub-scoreSAT Critical ReadingPlacement
191 or below249 or below17 or below440 or belowENGL 1010 + ENGL 0815
292 or above250 or above18 or above450 or aboveENGL 1010

Levels for Mathematics

LevelACCUPLACER Classic (12/16–10/18)ACCUPLACER Next Generation (11/18–present)ACT Math sub-scoreSATPlacement
191 or below249 or below18 or belowMath: 450 or belowMATH 1000 + 0815, MATH 1010 + 0825, MATH 1530 + 0835, MATH 1630 + 0845
292 or above250 or above19–26Math: 460 or aboveMATH 1000 (for SAILS completers only), 1010, 1130, 1410, 1530, 1630, or 1710
3N/AN/A27 or aboveComposite: 1220–1280MATH 1720, 1830 or below
4N/AN/A29 or aboveComposite: 1290 or aboveMATH 1910 or below

Levels for Reading

LevelACCUPLACER Classic (12/16–10/18)ACCUPLACER Next Generation (11/18–present)ACT Reading sub-scoreSAT Critical ReadingPlacement
184 or below249 or below18 or below450 or belowDesignated college-level course + READ 0815
285 or above250 or above19 or above460 or aboveCollege-level course that requires Level 2 in Reading