Tennessee Promise

Go to college tuition-free.

COVID-19 Update

Due to COVID-19's potential ongoing impact on student enrollment, THEC/TSAC has extended the allowance for TN Promise students to start the Fall 2020 semester enrolled less than full-time and remain eligible to participate in the program. THEC/TSAC will continue to monitor the impact of COVID-19 on our state to determine any additional accommodations which may become necessary. For questions, please email tn.promise@tn.gov.

The FAFSA Deadline for TN Promise students has been extended to March 15, 2021. This deadline extension is in effect for new and returning students.

The community service requirement for TN Promise eligibility has been waived for the Summer of 2021.

Apply to TN Promise

Apply for the scholarship by completing the TN Promise application by November 2 of your senior year of high school. The application can be found at the link below.

Go to the TSAC Student Portal

Once you have applied, you will receive communications explaining your next steps.

How to Remain Eligible

To remain eligible for Tennessee Promise, you must:

TN Promise Student Handbook

The Class of 2020 TN Promise Handbook, provided by TN Achieves, outlines the steps you will take to complete the college access process and begin your first semester as a TN Promise Scholar.

Read the Class of 2020 TN Promise Handbook (PDF).

TN eCampus Courses

NOTE: TN eCampus courses are all charged at a per-hour rate and viewed separately from other online or face-to-face courses. TN eCampus fees are not included in the full-time cap applicable to all other types of courses. For example, if a student enrolls for 15 hours not including a TN eCampus class, the tuition and fees would be $2252. If a student signs up for 15 hours, including one 3-hour TN eCampus class, the tuition and fees would be $2852. TN Reconnect and TN Promise only pay up to the amount of regular tuition and fees for the hours registered. The additional amount charged because of the TN eCampus class would not be covered by these programs.