Volunteer Opportunities

Engage with your community and better yourself as a leader in the process. Volunteering not only supports others but is mutually beneficial for students allowing them to gain new skills, perspectives, and opportunities for experiential learning.

Where to Volunteer

Students can contact any of the standing partnerships below or visit the virtual cork board for recent additions and date specific opportunities.

Virtual Cork Board

Volunteer Partnerships


Point of Contact: Amy Walter, Volunteer & Community Engagement Coordinator

Cheekwood features both a spectacular Botanical Garden as well as a Museum of Art housed in the original family mansion built in the early 30’s. Volunteers can support annual events, weekly programs or visitor services. Students Can Volunteer once, or in an on-going capacity. Proof of vaccination required, as well as accordance with COVID guidelines (wearing masks indoors) required.  

Point of Contact: Trevor Hunt 615-0452-3838

At the USDA-NCRS, volunteers conduct soil surveys, test water quality, and assist with field visits. Plus, this is a great way to learn about our natural resources and environment. 

Point of Contact: Elizabeth Griscom, Volunteer Coordinator

Support the largest municipal natural area parks in the country through a wide variety of volunteering options such as with the nature center, office, special parks, and within the parks themselves.

Learn More About Friends of Warner Parks

Point of Contact: Robin Johnson, Director of Volunteer Engagement

Support the social engagement, physical wellness, and lifelong learning of Nashville’s seniors. Volunteers are required to show proof of covid-19 vaccination to participate.

Learn More About Fifty Forward

Point of Contact: Amy Pierce

Students can volunteer for recurring individual opportunities and also for one-time group opportunities, when projects are available, volunteers primarily support the library in shelving materials.

Learn More About the Nashville Public Library

Point of Contact: Aieshia Johnson, 615-307-4679

Feed the Children is one of the world’s leading anti-hunger organizations and brings caring individuals together to create a world where no child goes to bed hungry. At Feed the Children, volunteers pack-age food boxes or personal care boxes, whether a disaster strikes or there is a need in a community.

How to Make the Most of Your Volunteer Experience

Complete one of four S.O.A.R. tasks by volunteering for a service project you're passionate about for three hours. Accomplish the other three categories of S.O.A.R. by:

  1. Engaging with the campus community by being a member of a club, working in an office, or joining an honor society.
  2. Desigining a SMART goal to support you achieving personal or academic milestones.

Learn more information about the S.O.A.R. Student Leadership Program and sign upas a new member.

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