Academic Support Services

The Student Success Center is ready to help you reach your academic potential at Nashville State Community College. Stop by or contact your advisor for support.

Academic Resources

If you need some extra one-on-one help with some of your trickier subjects, stop by the Learning Center. Here, you will be connected with a tutor who can walk you through your questions, step-by-step.

If you have questions about your online courses or need help accessing D2L, refer to this page.

Academic Intervention Plan (AIP)

The Academic Improvement Plan (AIP) is a tailored program designed to support you in achieving your academic goals and enhancing your college experience. We understand that every student faces unique challenges, and this plan is created to address your specific needs and circumstances. The purpose of this plan is to provide you with clear steps and strategies to help you improve your academic performance.

Why was I selected to participate in AIP? 

Students were selected based on the following academic standing.  

Academic Improvement Requirements

Required Optional
  1. Attend an AIP Information Session
  2. Complete the Student Intake Form
  3. Attend Student Success Advisor Meetings
    • Pre-Meeting: Complete Academic Improvement Plan
    • Meeting 1: Review AIP and Recommend Student Support Services
    • Meeting 2: Student Check-In
    • Meeting 3: Mid Semester Check-In
    • Meeting 4: Student Check-In and Spring Registration
  • Student Resource Workshop (AIP specific)
  • Student Success Center Workshop
  • Tutoring
  • Learning & Resource Center Workshop
  • Peer Mentoring
  • Faculty Meeting
  • Student Resource Manager Meeting

By the end of the semester, a student should have five touch points. 60% are required for Student Success Advisor meetings. If you miss or are able to attend, you can complete two optional workshops to stay in compliance.

Academic Improvement Plan Strategies