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If you need help accessing your NS Online/D2L courses proceed to the Nashville State Web Course Login. If you need to report an account or D2L issue, please contact Service Desk Support directly. Need help accessing your NS Online course? Consider reviewing our Online Learning Student Orientation. Order your textbooks at the Bookstore or look at the Academic Calendar for upcoming dates or deadlines.

Need help navigating to your online classes? Go to D2L Resources for Students.

Online Student FAQ


The first step to taking classes online is to apply to become a student at NSCC. There is no separate application process for online students. Once you are admitted as a student, and you have an “A” number, you will be able to register for courses (including online courses) in myNSCC.

To view our current online offerings, check the course schedule. Use the Instruction Method filter to find courses offered Online.

“Online” can mean many different things. Nashville State offers several different types of courses that are offered fully or partially online. There are four kinds of online courses that you can register for through myNSCC. They are: 

  • Online: Course is fully online (asynchronous) and has no on-campus meeting requirements. 
  • Virtual: Course meets live via Zoom at a set date and time (synchronous). 
  • Hybrid: Course uses a combination of virtual instruction, and some required on-campus meetings. 
  • TN eCampus: Courses marked “TN eCampus” can be taken fully online, asynchronous from our partner institutions.

Some, but not all, degree and certificate programs may be completed entirely online. To find out if your program of interest is available online, view the list of programs and certificates offered online. 

No, there is no difference between a degree earned online and a degree earned on-ground. The diploma or certificate you receive upon completion is equivalent regardless of delivery format.

You can access your NSCC courses inside of NS Online (which is also commonly called “D2L”). For help getting started with NS Online, watch our NS Online Quick Start video. 

If you are enrolled in a TN eCampus course (sections ending with R01, R25, R35, R50, or R80) you will access those courses through the TN eCampus Login page. 

Note: you will not have access to your courses until the morning of the first day of class.

TN eCampus courses are fully online, asynchronous courses offered through our TBR partner institutions for an additional fee. You can register for TN eCampus courses through myNSCC, but your instructor might not necessarily be an NSCC faculty member. Credits earned in TN eCampus courses are included as part of your overall Nashville State degree requirements and are no different than any other degree awarded by Nashville State. 

TN eCampus courses can be accessed via the TN eCampus Login page.

No, online courses typically do have deadlines that are set by the instructor. For an asynchronous course, you do not need to log into the course at any specific time during the week, but you do need to complete all your coursework within the timeframe given by your professor. Failure to meet course deadlines or regularly participate in the course may harm your grade. 

No, online programs have the same content, rigor, and outcomes as on-ground programs. They are subject to the same scrutiny as on-ground programs to ensure quality and continuous program improvements. 

In fact, some students may find online courses to be more difficult because you must be even more self-disciplined and independent than you might be in an in-person course.

For purposes of financial aid, continued attendance is determined via engagement in the course. This can be accomplished in several ways including, but not limited to, participating in D2L as prompted (e.g., responding to an instructor’s email, posting to a discussion board), and/or completing and submitting assignments on time. 

Yes, there is no difference in how financial aid works for courses taken online or on campus. You must still apply for financial aid to qualify. Questions about financial aid should be directed to 

Many online courses have Digital Course Materials included. DCM textbooks will automatically appear in your NS Online courses as an eBook on the first day of class. 

Any non-DCM textbooks can be ordered through the Bookstore website. For instructions, watch the video: How to Purchase Textbooks. 

NS Online vs TN eCampus

As a Nashville State student, you have two convenient options for online learning so be aware of the different ways you may need to access your online courses.

Nashville State Online Classes (NS Online/D2L)

  • Section Numbers: Begin with "W"; for example, NSCC-1010-W01 
  • Tuition and Fees: Typically less expensive than TN eCampus classes. (Other fees may apply). Visit the Tuition Costs page for more information. 
  • Refund and Withdrawl Deadlines: Visit the Academic Calendar for more details. 
  • Classes: Taught by Nashville State instructors; courses are available the morning of the first day of class.
  • Textbooks: Visit the Bookstore to determine which textbooks and resources are needed.
  • Login and Access: Visit the NS Online/D2L Login page to access online courses. Use your A# and password to log in.
  • Need Help? For program offerings visit the Degrees & Certificates page or contact our Student Services Specialist Chelsee Jones at For NS Online tech support please contact the Service Desk or email Service 

TN eCampus Classes

  • Section Numbers: Section numbers begin with "R". For example, ENGL-1010-R50. 
  • Tuition and Fees: Typically have an additional per credit hour fee (other fees may apply). Visit the TN eCampus Tuition and Fees page. 
  • Refund and Withdrawl Deadlines: Review the TN eCampus Academic Calendar.
  • Classes: Taught by instructors at universities and colleges across the state, including Nashville State.
  • Textbooks: Visit the TN eCampus Virtual Bookstore to determine which textbooks and resources are needed.
  • Login and Access: Visit the TN eCampus Student Portal and use your unique TN eCampus credentials. These are not your NS Online credentials.
  • Attendance Reporting: TN eCampus attendance is reported via the automated Student Participation Survey. You must complete a survey for each TN eCampus course.
  • Need Help? For student support contact, the TN eCampus Student Liason. For TN eCampus Tech Support, call 866-895-8429 or 

TN eCampus Students 

Through TN eCampus you can choose to enroll at any institution in the TN eCampus partnership to help supplement courses not available at Nashville State Community College to meet your degree requirements. Credits earned in TN eCampus courses are included as part of your overall Nashville State degree requirements and are no different than any other degree awarded by Nashville State. You may take a combination of classes at Nashville State and TN eCampus or get your whole degree 100% online. Accessing TN eCampus courses does require a separate login so utilize the information listed below. 

Login/Technical Help


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