Program & Student Outcomes

Student Learning Outcomes

Concept/Constrcut NSCC nursing program student learning outcomes
Leadership Practice within the ethical, legal, and regulatory frameworks of nursing and standards of professional nursing practice. Collaborate when planning, implementing, and evaluating care. 
Communication Communicate effectively using verbal, nonverbal, and written techniques including information and technology. 
Critical Thinking Analyze subjective and objective data to identify actual or potential health alterations. Manage care through effective use of prioritization, delegation, informatics, and resources. 
Nursing Process Evaluate outcomes of clinical decisions implemented to provide safe and effective evidence-based nursing care. Evaluate the effectiveness of caring interventions that incorporate principles of dignity, diversity, safety, and knowledge. Evaluate the effectiveness of the implemented teaching plan to meet the learning needs of patients, families, and/or groups. 

The Nashville State Community College nursing program student learning outcomes for both the course and the semester reflect Bloom’s Classification of Cognitive Skills. These cognitive skills encompass several levels of learning from the acquisition of facts in semester one to the ability to think critically in semester four. The cognitive skills as revealed and demonstrated through the student learning outcomes are used to organize both the semester and course curricula, guide the method of instruction, direct learning activities, and evaluate student progress. The student progresses from a level of nursing education that is fundamental and knowledge-based to a level of education that requires the analyses of complex problems that reflect an advanced depth of knowledge and skill. The progression of the level of learning required to meet the student learning outcomes is displayed below.

  Knowledge comprehension Analysis Application
Semester One 25% 25% 25% 25%
Semester Two 20% 20% 30% 30%
Semester Three 15% 15% 30% 40%
Semester Four 10% 15% 25% 50%

Program Outcomes 

In accordance with the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), the following Nashville State Community College nursing program outcomes have been identified along with the expected levels of achievement.

  1. Licensure Exam Pass Rate 
    The annual NCLEX-RN pass rate for first-time test takers will be at or above 80%.
  2. Program Completion Rate
    60% of students will complete the NSCC nursing program within four semesters or 150% of the program length. The retention/graduation rate is calculated by comparing the number of students/fall admission classes who complete the nursing program with the number of students who were admitted to the nursing program with that same class.
  3. Job Placement Rate
    85% of NSCC nursing graduates who self-report employment will be employed as registered nurses within six to twelve months post-graduation.   

Nashville State Community College Nursing Program Outcomes Levels of Achievement

  2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Licensure Exam Pass Rate 100% 100% 88% 98% 90% 90%
Program Completion Rate 54% 67% 65% 68% TBD TBD
Job Placement Rate 100% 100% 97% 100% TBD TBD