Cost of Program

To keep expenses at a reasonable cost to the student, the faculty at NSCC research the OTA budget annually. In addition to regular tuition costs, the Occupational Therapy Assistant requires the following additional purchases.

Material Estimated cost required by
Program Uniform - Navy Scrubs $30.00/pair (program only requires students to purchase one pair) Start of program.
CPR Certification $30.00-$76.00 Start of program.
Immunization Requirements and Physical Exam Cost Varies (insurance dependent) Start of program. Physical Exam is required at the beginning of each fall semester. A flu shot is required every October for the students in the program.
Criminal Background Check ~$63.00 Start of program and beginning of each fall semester (some fieldwork sites may require).
Drug Screen ~$40.00 Start of the program and beginning of each fall semester.
Printing Materials and Lab Supplies ~$30.00 each semester Start of each semester.
Professional Liability ~14.00 Start of program and beginning of each fall semester.
AOTA Student Membership Fee $75.00 Start of each fall semester.
NBCOT Exam Fee $555.00


State of TN Licensing Exam $75.00

Post-graduation and passing of the NBCOT examination.

NBCOT Exam Study Pack ~$75.00

Optional purchase after graduation.

Updated information regarding current tuition and fees may be found here. For financial aid information, please get in touch with our financial aid office.