Selection & Interview Process

Selection Process 

The following selection process will be used to determine admission into the Fall 2024 OTA program. 

Nashville State OTA Program Application Scoring Rubric to Receive Interview

Category Criteria Max Points Earned Points
Grade Point Average Grade Point Average (GPA) based on all classes taken at NSCC and transferred undergraduate courses including learning support classes. (Ex. GPA of 3.8 x 10 = 38 points) 40  
Pre-requisite course completion at the time of application submission. Courses must have a grade of "C" or better.
  • Completed: 5 points
  • In Progress: 3 points
  • Not Taken: 0 points
Total 65 points      

 Interview Process

Note: The Program Faculty reserve the right to require an additional, personal interview with an applicant if the interview process does not provide the interviewers with sufficient information to rate the student.