Consumer Information

Consumer Information fulfills NSCC's compliance with disclosure requirements under Title IV by providing specified information to prospective and current students, applicants, and employees. This page provides an index of the requirements with links to each requirement's information.

If you need a hard copy or any assistance obtaining the information listed, please contact the relevant office.

Contact Information for Assistance in Obtaining Institutional or Financial Aid Information

Academic Information

Educational Programs 

Faculty and Administration

General Academic Information

NSCC Campuses

Textbook Information

Transfer of Credit and Articulation Agreements 

Withdrawals and Procedures 

Student Financial Assistance

Federal, State, Local, and Institutional Assistance Programs 

Determining Financial Aid Eligibility 

Student Loan Information 

  • Entrance/Exit Loan Counseling for Student Borrowers
  • Private Education Loan Disclosures
  • Student Loan Code of Conduct
  • Return of Title IV Funds 
  • Cohort Default Rates
    • FY 2019 Cohort Default Rate: 3.6%
    • FY 2019 National Cohort Default Rate for 2-Year Public Schools: 3.7%
    • FY 2020 Cohort Default Rate: 0.0%*
    • FY 2020 National Cohort Default Rate for 2-Year Public Schools: 3.7%*
    • *Note: As expected, FY 2020 cohort default rates were significantly impacted by the pause on federal student loan payments that began March 13, 2020. During the pause, borrowers with ED-held student loans were not required to make any payments, and no borrowers with ED-held loans entered default. Fewer than 200 borrowers with non-ED-held FFEL loans entered default because those loans were not eligible for the payment pause.