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Get a head start on your education with an A.S.T. degree in K-5 Elementary Education. With this degree, you will have completed the first two years of the four-year degree that is required for teacher certification in the State of Tennessee. This program is offered at multiple campus locations so you can find classes that are close to home.

Associate of Science in Teaching

The A.S.T. degree will prepare you to continue your bachelor’s degree and the certification required to teach children in kindergarten through fifth grade in public and private schools in Tennessee. 


Two years


About $9,490 total in tuition and fees.


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After Nashville State

The certificate is designed to prepare a student for employment upon completion.


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Campus Availability: Courses for this degree are available at a variety of campus locations and online. To check current course offerings check class schedule.

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Program Requirements


To earn the A.S.T. degree, students must: 

  • Successfully complete the required course of study as outlined in the catalog 
  • Attain a 2.75 cumulative grade point average
  • Successfully complete the Praxis Exams for teachers or have a 21 on the ACT or 1020 on the SAT (upon first-time admittance to college)
  • Receive a satisfactory rating on an index of suitability for the teaching profession (see the section on Disposition Assessment) 

All education courses (EDUC) require completion of fieldwork consisting of K-12 school-based observations and interviews.

Students should consult frequently with their advisors to ensure the completion of all requirements for this degree. Failure to do so could result in a loss of credits in the transfer process. 

You must pass the Praxis Exams for teachers or attain at least a 21 on the ACT to complete this program. It is strongly recommended that the math portion of the Praxis should be taken after completion of MATH 1410 - Number Concepts for Teachers. For information on pricing, locations for testing, and registration, see Educational Testing Service (ETS) website.

Every Associate of Science in Teaching (A.S.T.) degree candidate will undergo a Disposition Assessment. The purpose of the Disposition Assessment is to provide information about the student’s attitudes and skills that are deemed necessary to be a successful teacher. Download the NSCC Disposition Assessment Form and Cover Letter.  

All education majors must develop a professional portfolio – a collection of work products (such as written papers and artifacts of teaching) from the course of a teacher-preparation program. The professional portfolio will begin in EDUC 2010 - Introduction to Teaching.

All education courses (EDUC) require completion of fieldwork consisting of K-12 school-based observations and interviews.

To get a job in education, you must undergo a criminal history and abuse registry background check. This check is required by the state and initiated by the employer, but may also be required in order to complete school observations as part of the fieldwork in EDUC courses. 

All prospective teachers must complete coursework in professional education. Nashville State offers courses that are in the professional education core: 

  • EDUC 2010 – Introduction to Teaching 
  • EDUC 2210 – Educational Psychology 
  • EDUC 2120 – Intro to Special Education 

Students earning the Associate of Science in Teaching (A.S.T.) degree will have met the course requirements at their four-year transfer university of choice in the courses that are like these courses. See the full Tennessee Professional Education Standards. 

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Use these resources to get ahead in the field of education.
Student Tennessee Education Association (STEA) offers opportunities to be a part of the National Education Association, the largest professional teacher organization in the United States. Participate and meet other prospective teachers, subscribe to professional journals, and stay informed on today's foremost topics in education.

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