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Build your foundation in education. With an A.S. in Middle Grades Education you will be on your way to becoming a licensed teacher. Shape the lives of middle school students and make a positive impact on their education. With a variety of course delivery options you can take your courses online or in person, whatever works for your schedule!

Associate of Science

Our Associate of Science degree in Middle Grades Education will prepare you for a successful career working with students in grades four through eight. Complete the 2-year transfer degree prepared to pursue your bachelor’s degree and become a state-certified, licensed teacher.


Two years


About $9,452 total in tuition and fees.


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After Nashville State

Design the Middle Grades Education A.S. degree at Nashville State with the transfer university program of your choice in mind. Consult your NSCC program advisor and the catalog from the transfer university throughout the advising/registration process to avoid a loss of credits in the transfer process.


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Campus Availability: Courses for this degree are available at a variety of campus locations and online. To check current course offerings check class schedule.

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Program Requirements

Fieldwork Requirements

All education courses (EDUC) require completion of fieldwork consisting of K-12 school-based observations and interviews. 

 Background Check  

To get a job in education, you must undergo a criminal history and abuse registry background check. This check is required by the state and initiated by the employer but may also be required in order to complete school observations as part of the fieldwork in EDUC courses.

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Use these resources to get ahead in the field of education.

Student Tennessee Education Association (STEA) offers opportunities to be a part of the National Education Association, the largest professional teacher organization in the United States. Participate and meet other prospective teachers, subscribe to professional journals, and stay informed on today's foremost topics in education.

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