Proctoring Services

Online learning comes with many benefits. It gives students much-needed flexibility in how they access their courses and has allowed learning to continue even during campus closures. However, online learning also presents unique challenges. One such challenge is that of academic dishonesty. Many instructors worry that online students will be tempted to cheat on exams while they are out of the sight of the instructor, by looking up answers or accessing other unauthorized resources.

Online proctoring can prevent cheating on exams that are given remotely, through NS Online. Online proctoring takes the place of the classic human proctor, who might physically watch students taking a paper exam in a classroom. These proctoring services also seek to improve efforts in student authentication while retaining the same levels of academic integrity of examinations that take place in our classrooms. 

By contrast, online proctoring tools are fully automated and use a student’s webcam to record exam sessions. This allows students to take exams when and where they choose, without the direct supervision of an instructor. Online proctoring can thus help to preserve the integrity of exams while allowing students the flexibility they need from online learning. 

Nashville State’s Office of Online Learning supports two options for online proctoring: 

  1. Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor
  2. Honorlock will be discontinued at the end of Fall 2022 

Both options work similarly as they prevent students from opening external websites or software during an exam. Both tools also record students using their webcam to document their actions and behavior during exams. Instructors will have access to these recordings, but only incidents that the software detects that might involve a potential violation will be flagged for the instructor to review. 

Online Proctoring Manual for Instructors

The Office of Online Learning (OOL) has developed an extensive manual for instructors with step-by-step instructions on how to set up the proctoring options for Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor.

Nashville State Online Proctoring Guide

Syllabus & Course Information

If you will require online students to take a remotely proctored exam using Respondus LockDown Browser + Respondus Monitor, you should identify the service, cost, and any hardware requirements including the type of computer, camera, or microphone, and support services available within the course syllabus at the beginning of the semester. Additionally, be prepared to supply your exam with specifications about any allowed testing aids, time limits, or use of Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor in advance.

Consider the suggested syllabus verbiage from Respondus. If you require students to take in-person proctored exams at the Testing Center, inform your students of Testing Center policies and scheduling procedures in your course syllabus at the beginning of the semester. 

Student Privacy and Accessibility in Remotely Proctored Exams

Faculty may review the linked resources below related to student privacy concerns and FERPA compliance during remotely proctored exams. Instructors are advised to also share information about Respondus privacy policies, linked below, with students in advance of remotely proctored exams.

Respondus Privacy Center

In-Person Proctoring: The Testing Center

The Testing Center provides a secure proctored environment for testing at Nashville State Community College to protect the integrity of all tests. The Nashville State Testing Center maintains and adheres to all standards set forth by the National College Testing Association (NCTA). The Testing Center provides Accuplacer placement testing, College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Graduate Exit Exams, and other proctored testing. 

Instructors can elect to enable LockDown Browser for exams taken at the Testing Center. They may also disable Respondus Monitor for students who choose to take their exam in person, rather than being remotely proctored.

Testing Opt-Out Statement

Please note that some or all the assessments in an NS Online course may require the use of online video proctoring services. For these proctored assessments, students are required to have access to (1) a quiet, private, solitary setting in which to take the assessment, (2) a webcam either internal or external to their computer, (3) a microphone either internal or external to their computer, (4) a computer with admin privileges in order to download the appropriate browser and plug-in to operate the virtual proctor, and (5) a reliable internet connection. 

Should students not have access to the technological requirements listed above, or should they simply prefer to have an in-person proctor, they may opt out of the virtual proctoring requirement. Opting out of the virtual proctoring will require that the student take the assessment in one of the Nashville State's Testing Centers. In this case, the student will be required to schedule the assessment in accordance with Testing Center policies and adhere to all additional Testing Center, procedures, protocols, and requirements. 

If choosing to opt-out of virtual proctoring, students must contact their instructor within the first two weeks of the semester and complete the Virtual Proctoring Opt-Out Form.


The Office of Online Learning recommends that instructors provide these resources to their students in the event of technical issues or questions. 

Students can get help with Respondus LockDown Browser + Monitor by visiting the Respondus Support page. Watch this short video to get a basic understanding of the LockDown Browser and the webcam feature. A student QuickStart Guide and detailed installation instructions are also available. 

For assistance with on-campus computers, please contact the Nashville State Service Desk. For faculty and D2L support, please contact