English, Humanities and Creative Technologies

English, Humanities and Creative Technologies

Communicate and appreciate.

Explore the human condition through literature, language, the arts and more. The English, Humanities and Creative Technologies division of NSCC offers courses for students to learn creative and technical writing, speech communications, creative technologies, languages, literature, art, philosophy and music.

This division focuses on teaching critical thinking and an appreciation of other cultures. With research skills and a significant understanding of the humanities, you’ll leave Nashville State with effective communication skills and more.

Our Mission

To inspire students to be creative, critical thinkers who communicate effectively and who value lifelong intellectual and aesthetic growth.

Our Programs

English and Communications

Write, compose and read literature while learning organizational patterns, literary development and modes of thought in our English program.

English A.A.

Creative Technologies

Develop critical thinking and creative talents while learning the fundamentals of photography, music technology, and visual design.

Music Technology Technical Certificate
Photography Technical Certificate
Visual Communications A.A.S.


Humanities and Arts

Examine different ways to interpret the human experience both as a collective and as an individual. The Nashville State Humanities courses prompt students to analyze values, culture, tradition, creativity and human nature from around the world.

Art (Studio) A.A.
General Studies A.A.
General Studies A.S.
Music A.F.A.
Philosophy A.A./A.S.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

We have courses designed to teach you the English academic vocabulary and language skills required in American college classes.

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Division Contacts

Dr. Michael Sundblad, Dean, K-108

Susan Tucker, Secretary III, C-112

Tamara Allen, Secretary II, K-108A