Office of Online Learning

The Office of Online Learning (OOL) is committed to supporting online education at Nashville State Community College for all faculty, staff, and students interested in utilizing NS Online/D2L and supported technologies for online learning to promote collaborative, interactive, and creative learning experiences for all users. Utilizing Universal Design strategies to generate authentic learning experiences for our online learners, OOL works with faculty to develop quality online content applying foundational pedagogical theories, innovative technology, and sound instructional design principles. Our goal is to build a supportive campus network to meet the needs of our online faculty members and improve our online student learning experiences.

Learning Support for Faculty

If you are a Nashville State instructor seeking online support for NS Online/D2L courses or need assistance with using lecture capture, video conferencing, accessibility issues, or just want to discuss strategies for delivering online courses, please contact the support team at the Office of Online Learning. For additional information for faculty and student support for online learning, please visit our OOL Resources.

Utilize the Campus Contact Information for quick links or review the information above to help in your search.

Providing Support for All Nashville State Faculty

  • Provides assistance to all faculty utilizing technology for learning and supported tools.
  • Training and professional development for faculty who are teaching online, hybrid, and web courses or those who need to develop content for web-enhanced.
  • Virtual training for faculty who need to manage or teach online courses.
  • Support for developing multimedia content and meeting accessibility standards for online learning.

Master Templates

2022 Equitable Master Syllabus (Updated 09/2022)

Faculty Door Schedule Template
Faculty Door Schedule Instructions (Updated 08/2022)

*Please maintain accessibility guidelines when adapting these templates.

Faculty Calendar

Office of Online Learning Staff

Office of Online Learning
Weld Building, W-101

Dr. James Edwards
Director of Online Learning

Dr. Anna Everett
Instructional Designer

Hannah Hurdle
Instructional Designer

Diana Blackburn
Online Systems and LMS Support Administrator

D2L Brightspace Support

If you are an NSCC instructor seeking assistance with navigation or operating your D2L course shell, the Office of Online Learning has provided abundant resources to assist you. Because D2L and its integrations make up a complex system, resources have been delineated into the categories below.

For helpful tutorials please visit the D2L Instructor Resources.

Assessment Tools

Within D2L, there are four primary tools used to assess and grade student performance. The links below provide resources for how to navigate and operate each one:

Communication Tools

Beyond the four primary tools of assessment and grading, D2L contains a variety of secondary tools that may be useful in running your online course. The links below provide resources for how to navigate and operate each one.

Creating Course Content

When populating a course with content at the beginning of the semester, you may choose to create new, original content, or you may utilize content from a course you taught in a previous semester. Similarly, you may have been provided with course content from a publisher. The links below provide resources for how to accomplish each of these tasks.

D2L Integrations

Course shells within D2L have a number of integrations that can enhance both the learning experience for students and the teaching experience for instructors.

Publisher Integrations

Various divisions across NSCC utilize publisher integrations. Examples include Pearson’s MyLabs, McGraw-Hill’s Connect, and Cengage. Information about each one can be found in the link below.


Turnitin has two integrations within D2L. The Similarity Report can provide information about potential plagiarism within student submissions to the D2L Dropbox, and the Feedback Studio allows instructors to provide detailed, inline, annotated feedback to student submissions to the D2L Dropbox. The links below provide resources for how to navigate and operate each one.

Turnitin in D2L

Virtual Proctoring

Respondus Lockdown Browser is an internal proctoring tool used to ensure that students are not accessing additional course content (course content, digital textbook, etc.) during assessments. Honorlock is an internal video proctoring tool. Need more information. The link below provides resources for how to navigate and operate this tool.

Kaltura Video

Kaltura provides the resources to create and share videos and interactive media with students. Using Kaltura is the recommended method for sharing videos with students because of its auto-captioning capabilities. The link below provides resources for how to navigate and operate this tool.

Respondus 4.0 (formerly TestGen)

Respondus 4.0 (previously Respondus TestGen) is a program for creating and managing assessments that can be printed for in-person assessment or published directly to your D2L courses. This program also allows you to more easily manage test banks or packages provided by a publisher.

Respondus 4.0


EvaluationKIT is a tool designed to assist in managing course evaluations online through NS Online. The tool works with the information already stored in NS Online to help choose which courses and students to send the evaluation to. The student responses are kept anonymous and all data is collected for later reporting to department administrators and instructors. The link below provides resources for how to navigate and operate this tool.


Video Conferencing


As NSCC continues to offer courses in virtual format, Zoom has become an integral part of online instruction. For detailed information on how to navigate and operate zoom, visit the link below.

Zoom Support

Virtual Classroom

The Virtual Classroom offers a less robust alternative to Zoom by providing video conferencing access to students. Because of current licensing restrictions, please notify the Office of Online Learning before relying on the Virtual Classroom for all of your video conferencing needs. The link below provides resources for how to navigate and operate the Virtual Classroom.

Virtual Classroom

Accessibility Support

Providing accessible resources for all is integral to the student experience at NSCC. For information on what “accessibility” means, how to create accessible content, and how to adhere to federally mandated accessibility requirements, visit the link below.

Course Development

For information on Course Development, please contact the Office of Online Learning.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Information (Fall 2021)

Help Desk

Students or faculty seeking technical support should contact the NSCC Help Desk.

Help Desk

Access Center

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the NSCC Access Center provides accommodations if you have a documented physical, emotional, or learning condition. For more information, please contact the Access Center.

Access Center

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