Quality Assurance & Review

Improving the Quality of Our Online Courses and Programs

Quality Assurance & Review Process

Nashville State Community College has implemented a quality review process for online master courses (WEBO). These quality reviews are essential to meeting federal requirements and accreditation standards for online learning. Course leads/maintainers are the points of contact for a course review. The Office of Online Learning (OOL) is conducting reviews and we are promoting a process that is both collaborative and efficient to consider your workload and time.

The OOL plans to conduct these reviews on a 4-year cycle to ensure NSCC online courses are meeting and maintaining NC-SARA requirements for distance education. We have also adopted the SUNY OSCQR rubric as NSCC's review rubric as it represents the desired elements of quality and accessibility in online course design. Our goal is to comprehensively review the design of the course and not the delivery, as we want to ensure that students are able to comprehend the course materials as instructed to meet expectations, determine if objectives and assessments are aligned, identify how students are being assessed and to what levels of mastery, and ensure that general accessibility standards are being met.

As we complete reviews for web master courses, we will be able to provide updated information for courses that have successfully completed meeting quality standards and outline the 4-year cycle listing of planned course reviews. More detailed information is available below. 

Quality Course Design Certification (QCDC)

The Office of Online Learning (OOL) has updated the process and procedures for stipend online course development by offering a 12-week professional development process in D2L. The goal is to provide robust online course content for Nashville State Community College students and professional development opportunities for faculty to improve quality and innovation in online learning. All decisions on funding availability and priority of the number of course development requests fall under the VPAA. Decisions related to meeting quality, best practices, and standards for online course development fall under the Director of Online Learning. The goal of this design process is to provide a consistent and reliable outlet for online course development and promote a cohort model for participants to engage within the LMS to communicate, access resources, and promote best practices in quality online course design. Participants are provided instructional design support, vetted resources, and opportunities to be innovative while adhering to federal, state, and institutional standards that specifically fall under the scope of online learning. Currently, opportunities for QCDC are available at the start of each semester. Requests should be made through the division dean and VPAA.

Web Course Development Work for Hire

Based on the success of QCDC, the Office of Online Learning has created professional development for the design of the CBE program design. CBE varies itself from online course design as student success is based on progression and assessment of skills rather than depending on a semester timeframe. Any requests for CBE design offerings should be made through the division dean and the VPAA.

CBE Web Course Development Work for Hire

Accelerated Course Design Academy

As we pursue NSCC LEADS Vision 2030, the Course Design Academy was created with the Teaching Center to support faculty transitioning content to 7-week courses. Shifting the length of the semester poses unique challenges and opportunities. The Course Design Academy is designed to help create learning experiences that engage learners through active learning strategies, purposeful navigation, and intentional planning. Online Learning and The Teaching Center created this academy to provide support and resources as you develop your 7-week course(s) and teach during the 7-week term. Utilize the link below or contact the Office of Online Learning for assistance.

Course Design Academy: Accelerated Courses